When Kiara, an AI satellite, is sent to observe a black hole, she forms a friendship with Noelle back on Earth. Despite the growing distance, the two sprout an unlikely dialogue that examines humanity's greatest question.
This short is now in the running for international film festivals competitions during 2021-2022. 
* Boston private screening - July 2021
*Online private screening for Cambridge Youth Lab - 15th January 2022
* Online private screening for Balik Arts | Young Filmmakers Program - 15th March 2022
* 40th Cambridge Film Festival - 20th- 21st NOV 2021 (Official Selection for Shorts To Expand)
*47th Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival - 20th Feb 2022 (Official Selection Isaac Program Shorts)
* 7th Sci-On! Film Festival 2022 - 6th May 2022 (Official Selection Shorts) - Winner for Best Live Action Short Film & Winner Roddenberry Audience Choice Award.
* 22nd Sci-Fi London Film Festival - 21st May 2022 (Official Selection Shorts Programme 4)
*Paus TV | Limited online premiere for 24 hours - 26th May 2022
Director: Nanci Cruz
Production: Second House Films, Next Move Arts & Anders Johnson
Scriptwriter: J.M. Elliot
VFX: Neimar Carvalho & Second House films
Cinematography: Anthony Martinez & Anders Johnson
Editing: Anthony Martinez
Music: Sam Fisher, Cian Hutton, Mariano Torres, Christopher Beard, and Anders Johnson
Sound/Music Eng: Aitor Moya Muñoz

Liz Bishop (Noelle)
Gabrielle Rosson (Noelle V.O)
Jaclene London (Kiara V.O)

End production date: 14th July 2021
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